• Abstraction & Design in Computation (CS 51): Head Teaching Fellow, Spring 2023; Teaching Fellow, Spring 2022 & 2021
  • Introduction to Computational Linguistics & Natural Language Processing (CS 187): Teaching Fellow, Fall 2021
  • Classic Mathematics with a Modern User Interface (Math E-151): Teaching Assistant, Fall 2020
  • Introduction to Real Analysis (RA 23): Course Assistant, August 2020
  • Intro to R Shiny, guest workshop for Discrete Mathematics (Math S-152), July 2020, co-taught with Lucas Pao


  • Introduction to Machine Learning I and Introduction to App Development, workshops at LingHacks V, June 2023, developed in collaboration with Noah Smith
  • Using the NLTK, workshop at LingHacks IV, June 2022
  • Introduction to NLP: Building a Text Classifier, guest workshop at Girls Code Data, September 2020
  • Intro to Python, Machine Learning and the Natural Language Toolkit, and Intro to Deep Learning, workshops at LingHacks II, March 2019
  • Workshops on Words, workshop series at LingHacks, October & November 2018, co-organized with Leo Lin, Michelle Parsons, Brandon Son, and Sachin Subramanian
  • Intro to Computational Linguistics, guest workshop at GirlsCodeMonth, September 2018
  • Intro to Python & Intro to Deep Learning, workshops at LingHacks I, April 2018

None of the Above

  • Mentor Certificate, training for Public Service Academy, September 2021
  • Natural Language Processing with Python, workshop for ProjectCSGIRLS, August 2020
  • Data Analysis and Web Apps in R Shiny, course for Wave Learning Festival, August 2020, co-taught with Lucas Pao
  • Introduction to Machine Learning, workshop for ProjectCSGIRLS, February 2018, co-taught with Jocelin Su